More advanced than the "Cone of Silence"

Easy as One Click

Multiple fax numbers per Destination

Name your fax numbers for easy recognition

Free-text input for on demand fax numbers

User fax confirmation alert

Fax delivery emailed to your predetermined email

No shoe phone required

Would you believe More Advanced than the "Cone of Silence"

No need to worry about fax drivers or entering fax numbers. Just click the Send Fax button and your Patient Care Report is faxed to the destination chosen previously in the ePCR.

MacroLogic, Inc. has kicked-off CodeRed Cares as part of it's line of EMS projects. Providing the best ePCR software possible to assist in EMS Patient Care has always been the foundation of MacroLogic, Inc. and it's line of CodeRed products. As with most innovation, it comes by "thinking outside the box". We've never been in the box. That’s why CodeRed Cares.

Please visit and see what it's all about and how you can help.

Additional CodeRed Features

Faxwell Smart is just part of the CodeRed Suite of products which include EKG Rapid Infuser, JAG Wireless Mass Casualty, JAG Wireless smart phone, and CodeRed EMS.

Take a look at some of the other features offered by CodeRed EMS.

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