More advanced than the "Cone of Silence"

Easy as One Click

Multiple fax numbers per Destination

Name your fax numbers for easy recognition

Free-text input for on demand fax numbers

User fax confirmation alert

Fax delivery emailed to your predetermined email

No shoe phone required

CodeRed Patient Care Report Faxing - From the Field to the Hospital

No need to worry about fax drivers or entering fax numbers. Just click the Send Fax button and your Patient Care Report is faxed to the destination chosen previously in the ePCR.

Fast Fax Setup and Management

Faxwell Smart is all controlled from your CodeRed Administrator, then pushed out to Field Units during the normal sync process. One click in the Field Unit and your fax is on it's way to the Patient destination chosen in the ePCR.

Multiple numbers per destination

If multiple fax numbers have been setup through the CodeRed Administrator for the chosen destination, a list is presented allowing simple one click operation. If the desired fax number is not available in the list, fax numbers can also be typed directly into the "Send Fax to this Number" option.

On Demand Fax Number Entry

Once sent, an alert is displayed on screen with the results of the Patient Care Report fax operation.

Add Control

an available add-on to Faxwell Smart which will email the Patient Care Report as a .pdf to your Medical Control Facility at the same time it's faxed to the destination facility.

Fax confirmation email log is sent to an email address of your choice. This email contains Date, Time, Receiving Fax Number, as well as Status.