More advanced than the "Cone of Silence"

Easy as One Click

Multiple fax numbers per Destination

Name your fax numbers for easy recognition

Free-text input for on demand fax numbers

User fax confirmation alert

Fax delivery emailed to your predetermined email

No shoe phone required

Would you believe a User Fax Confirmation Alert

No need to worry about fax drivers or entering fax numbers. Just click the Send Fax button and your Patient Care Report is faxed to the destination chosen previously in the ePCR.

Fax Status Confirmation

Ensuring the Patient Care Report was successfully sent to the destination facility is as important as the ability to send a fax. For that reason CodeRed's Faxwell Smart provides this information with it's User Fax Confirmation Alert.

Along with the User Fax Confirmation Alert, a Fax Confirmation email is sent to an email address of your choice. This email contains Date, Time, Receiving Fax Number, as well as Status. EMS Administrators no longer need to wonder if the Patient Care Report faxed to the Hospital was received.

Information is Peace of Mind.

User fax confirmation alert

Once the "Send Fax" button has been clicked, CodeRed's Faxwell Smart will provide real-time status for the Patient Care Report's Fax send operation. The User Fax Confirmation Alert is an easy to read user-friendly message stating the Success or Failure of the fax being sent.

One Click

All this is done for you with One Click when you use CodeRed EMS Faxwell Smart.